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Helping High Achieving Women

Become Even More Powerful

What We Do

We know that women who are driven to achieve extraordinary accomplishments become even more powerful when given the resources to fuel their alignment in each and every area of their lives. We recognize that this is seldom facilitated. Our membership and coaching solutions are designed to foster holistic alignment so your personal, professional, parent life, and relationship journeys thrive and complement each other.

Our Private Membership

How Our Membership Works

We invite successful women across different roles, functions, and industries to benefit from cultivating meaningful connections, knowledge, and momentum to grow globally. With our curated, intimate peer group together, we’ll collaborate to enhance your leadership skills, amplify your influence by building a personal board of advisors, and offer you more opportunities for joy.


Through our in-person and virtual community meetups, we help group members foster an authentic appreciation for all of their experiences.


Catapult your alignment journey to realize greater potential in your personal, professional, parent life, and relationship journeys through transformative conversations, facilitated by our expert team of personal development and wellness coaches.

Powerful Learning Opportunities

Get our exclusive, globally-infused, science-backed alignment resources at your fingertips designed to foster a prolific present and future.

Coaching Solutions

How Our Coaching Works for You

Our one-on-one coaching solutions, which are available in 6-month packages, provide guidance and mentorship to enhance your personal, professional, parent life & relationship journey.


No matter how stuck you’ve been, how many limiting beliefs you have, or how many times your goals have seemed out of reach our coaching solutions break down the barriers that have prevented you from envisioning the areas of your life you want to transform.


Our exclusive, cutting-edge methodology gives you the practical strategies and tangible tools you need to leverage the full power of your inner core, which positively impacts everything you create and build.

You’ll learn effective processes that guide you to:

  • Harness cutting-edge success practices that require minimal time while garnering maximum results
  • Elevate your path to self-actualized living & loving in order to decrease stress, overwhelm, frustration, and unfulfillment 
  • Nurture & accelerate your journey to becoming your best self as you improve your physical and mental well-being