Nourish Studies

Professional Alignment Experiential Courses

How They Benefit Your Team

Through our Visionary Leader Network (VLN) programming we help your team uncover the growth they never knew they were capable of . Nurture & inspire your team to succeed with diagnostic resources to help assess & track your team’s goals & needs and cutting-edge, science-backed best practices that work in tandem with global traditional wisdom to establish greater inclusivity.

How They Work

Our VLN curated Nourish Studies include 12 pre-recorded modules with accompanying worksheets, progress success checklists & curated daily micro-activities (which we refer to as rituals). Each of these accompanying rituals is designed to take 3-5 minutes a day in order to work in tandem with our weekly 45-minute learning sessions. In addition, you receive bi-monthly asynchronous coaching written check-ins, and feedback in order to provide unconditional support and transformational tools. All of Nourish Studies features global, generationally tested wisdom and science-backed best practices.

Nourish Studies Topics:

Topics are carefully selected to help your team thrive in the ever-changing contemporary workplace and can augment our Connect Lab Conversations:

  • Team & Culture Wellness
  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Work-Life Balance

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