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We are a holistic lifestyle brand dedicated to helping high-achievers become even more powerful by providing them with alignment resources to fuel their self-growth, parenting, relationship & professional journeys.

We are here to meet that need by to cultivating the power of often overlooked power of feminine energy that allows offering multi-media resources as you may experience burnout, overwhelm, and the different facets of loneliness.

How We Work


Replenish & Resource

We design globally-infused nurturing courses & content.


Commune & Gather

Amidst the loneliness epidemic, we provide opportunities to belong with our event series.


Nurture & Grow

Our coaching & membership conversation circles offer profound guidance when your confidence, identity, and/or way are lost as life happens.

Our Free Alignment Treat


Does your daily itinerary look something like this?

5 AM – 7 AM

exercise, prepare your family for their day & beautify

8 AM – 6 PM

work twice as hard to be considered “just as good”

7 PM – 10 AM

give everything you have left to your relationships with your loved ones

10 PM Onward…

dedicate overtime hours when the house is quiet