We are inspired by the unifying threads that hold each of our unique stories from around the world. This inspiration is the very fabric from which our ONE CLOTH by TRACIANA Collections originate.

Traciana Graves


One Cloth is a globally-inspired collection of fashion apparel and home textiles that celebrates traditional craftsmanship techniques from every corner of the global community. It encourages us all to weave the fabric of human stories into our own One Cloth adornment journey. Each One Cloth line is dedicated to exclusive global stories from voices typically unheard, and is paired with a curated digital holistic alignment resource.


Connectivity is at the core of the One Cloth mission, which is why we love upholding traditional craftsmanship techniques and supporting cultural historians. Based in Harlem, New York, we partner with international artisans and tailors who now call Harlem home. We believe that this process honors our mission while remaining kind to the planet, since local sourcing and production significantly reduces our environmental impact.

Our Story

Founder TG (Traciana) unexpectedly started One Cloth 20 years ago during her international touring residencies. The One Cloth collections she initially designed for her own performances and appearances were inspired by the fabrics and stories she discovered during her not-on-purpose daily tour routine. She later expanded her designs to include daywear and interior design accessories.

The 2025 Collections

We look forward to revealing our introductory collection in 2025! One Cloth encompasses the Happiness 360 pillars of fashion and home decor, and will feature apparel – such as leggings, scarves, and caftans – as well as home decor, including home linen kits, bedding, yoga mats, pillows, blankets, kitchen linens, and tablecloths.

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Featured Founder, TG Diary

Journey to Happiness Through One Cloth

Inspired by founder Traciana’s travels as an internationally acclaimed vocalist, One Cloth is a tangible representation of the common threads that unify humanity. While on tour, Traciana loved spending her free moments exploring local markets and the diverse array of textiles found within them. From breezy silks to cozy wools, she became enamored by the versatility and intrinsic connectivity woven into each cloth. Today, she shares them with the world through One Cloth.