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Welcome to the Happiness 360 Podcast Network! We leverage the Happiness 360 Framework’s four pillars of Well-BeingCuisine & Home, Beauty & Style, and Arts & Travel to help high achievers master alignment and discover greater success and impact, overcome burnout, and unlock ROI.

We’re a transformative podcast and content distribution platform that doubles as a haven for renewal and growth for the mind, body, and spirit. We curate shows incorporating our exclusive Fearless Listening Methodology and One Sound On Technique to provide the tools you need to take actionable steps towards alignment in every area of your life. We’re more than a network you passively listen to; we’re your partners in holistic well-being. On this network, you can expect us to take you on a journey of globally infused, often unspoken conversations that resonate with your soul. We bring you cutting-edge experts, science-backed best practices, the magical power of song, and inspirational stories from the most unexpected places.

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The Pour

We Are Pleased to Present Our Signature Shows

To honor our multicultural roots and commitment to diversity, we invite you to explore Happy & Aligned with Traciana: A Podcast for High Achievers in English and French.

The Tea Leaves

Why A Bi-Lingual Podcast Network

We recognize that within our lives and travels, our stories can be told in different languages. The Happiness 360 Podcast Network serves as a vehicle to bring those stories to our audiences. Whether you are an ex-pat, a world traveler, an individual with multicultural identities, or someone simply interested in learning more, we invite you to read our founder, Traciana’s story of why she decided to produce original French shows in the Happiness 360 Network.

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Additional Shows: Coming Soon

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