Happiness 360 Smudging Kits


Happiness 360 Smudging Kits feature a traditional selection of natural, ethically-sourced smudging sticks used to purify the mind and one’s environment.

What Drives Our Collections We are dedicated to helping you discover the numerous mental & physical benefits of smudging with our diverse array of smudging sticks.

Why We Love Our Smudging Kits Free yourself from the burdens of negative energy while cleansing your space with our globally-inspired range of smudging sticks. Each type of smudging stick has been used by various communities across the globe, and comes with a rich history of wisdoms and traditions. From the herbaceous scent of sage to the sweet aroma of palo santo, our smudging kits can be used to enhance wellness routines, meditation, home cleansing rituals, and more.

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