Catapult how you live & lead

With Our Coaching Alignment
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Personal Coaching & Conversation Circles

Accelerate your journey to becoming your best self with our customized coaching services, available in 1- on-1 one sessions and peer mastermind group cohorts. Our coaching offerings are designed to optimize your inner core, personal wellness, healing & self-care journeys in order to elevate your:

  • personal journeys
  • parent life journeys
  • relationship journeys

Workplace Coaching & Conversation Circles

Develop leadership talent typically unseen with our coaching expertise, available in 1-on-1 offerings as well as professional peer mastermind group cohorts,

  • providing critical resources for today’s complex & hybrid work environments.
  • Optimize & evolve to your to path self-actualized leadership
  • is tailored to meet the needs of your professional journey.