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Happy & Aligned Podcast

Long Pour Format

The Happiness 360 Network is delighted to present Happy & Aligned with Traciana, Long Pour Format (available in both English & French). This format offers a delicious globally-infused, multi-generational brew of insights, wisdom, stories, and fresh perspectives. The Long Pour Format leverages the Happiness 360 Framework’s four pillars of Well-BeingFood & Home, Beauty & Style as well as Arts & Travel to help high achievers master alignment to achieve greater success and impact, overcome burnout, and unlock ROI.

The Brew On The Long Pour Format

This panel-based podcast is the weekly destination where the H360 Editorial team shares their insights, and perspectives about recent episodes of Med-i-tea-tion and the Brew.  (for sneak pours and sips check out  Med-i-tea-tion and Brew).


The Pour

Join Traciana and the H360 Editorial Team in this panel-based podcast as they bring you their multi-generational and cross-cultural perspective about recent episodes that resonated with them from the H360 Podcast Network. We’re here to grow from each other as we discuss all things alignment, wellness, and the unique power of feminine energy. The Long Pour infuses audience feedback with our team of panelists to nurture and re-align listeners to their human connection to belonging.

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