We are thrilled to announce our 2025 One Sound On Tour, which has been developed to offer an exceptional, transformational experience. We look forward to facilitating this experiential, healing conversation about wellness at festivals, office spaces, wellness centers, venues, and campuses around the world.

Unlocking Hidden Potential Through Fearless Listening

Our One Sound On experiences is designed for people who are looking for transformative experiences that motivate presence across the board, from individual wellness to professional success. By treating your body, mind, and spirit in a holistic way and fostering togetherness, you will be able to make a bigger impact while enhancing creativity and productivity.

Developed by our founder Traciana Graves, the Fearless Listening methodologies and One Sound On technique:

  • Champion your ability to access the greatest hidden parts of yourself no matter what.
  • Even if you feel like you’re stuck, our experiences will help you see that there are always choices you can make to honor and claim the most fearless parts of yourself, so you can go beyond your lack of self-confidence, insecurities, limiting beliefs, and anything else holding you back from self-actualization.
  • You will learn how to develop and embody the most profound elements of what makes you uniquely designed for your purpose through Traciana’s masterful guidance.

One Sound On experiences are particularly effective during seasonal changes, as they serve as awakenings that unlock hidden potential.

Meet The Facilitator, Traciana Graves

Voted as one of “America’s Most Fearless Women” by The Huffington Post for the work she has accomplished over her decades-long professional experience in unlocking hidden potential as an:

  • An Academic
  • Master Facilitator Designer
  • Internationally Acclaimed Vocalist

An Academic

Traciana is the creator of the One Sound On technique and Fearless Listening methodologies. Her ground-breaking work is a culmination of over 20 years of personal, professional, and academic research from the prestigious Sorbonne, Georgetown, and New York universities.

Awarding Winning Vocalist

A native to sold-out stadiums and stages, Traciana’s love of song gave her international success as a vocal artist. Her voice has been woven into decades of artistry in her own projects, and that of the numerous household names she has supported in the music world. Traciana thrived on building connections with her audiences, and became a household name herself in many different countries. Her concerts served as cultural bridges where she witnessed powerful transformations among her attendees and within herself.

During this time, Traciana encountered the narrow confines that come with a typically successful career within the music industry. She soon realized she wanted to expand the different pathways she expressed and created by choosing more for herself. She began to understand her deepest calling was: “UNLOCKING HIDDEN POTENTIAL

As an academic and visionary, she saw that expressing her voice beyond the typical boxes that female artists are cast in was essential.

Master Experience Designer

A transformative 2-year long hiatus of intense meditation and a vow of silence allowed her to access and validate hidden aspects within herself to realize her full value, which led to the development of the Fearless Listening methodologies and One Sound On technique. Her unique work fuses music with science-backed wellness best practices to help individuals discover self-actualization and unlock their hidden potential.

She has shared her Fearless Listening methodologies and One Sound On technique throughout the country with:

  • Leading networks on live televised events
  • Shelters, underserved prisons, and schools
  • Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and higher education institutions
  • Socially-conscious organizations including One Billion Rising, the WNBA, and the NBA

Today, Traciana continues to create new paradigms. She is building her legacy using the power of music and sound on her own terms through her concerts, workshops, and events.

Experience it for yourself on the 2023-2024 One Sound On Tour!

How It Works

An in-person, live event, it is a mixture of Each 2 1/2 hour workshop that will leverage Traciana’s One Sound On technique in order to provide:

  • Holistic communities and profound networking opportunities
  • Interactive audience-driven discussions
  • Guided Sound Healing, Meditation, and Story Sharing

Cities are announced quarterly, we are adding venues

We Want To Meet You If

  • You’re an individual who is open and ready for a transformation.
  • You know that there is more to life, but feel a block preventing you from experiencing it.
  • You are actively seeking a holistic 360 experience that will help you be more present for joy and fun in all areas of your life, and are looking for opportunities to do the deep work to be grounded and more connected in your relationships.
  • You want to show up fully for yourself and are ready for activities that will support you on your wellness journey.

Please note that One Sound On is not an alternative for therapy, although it can complement existing sessions. The experience will not work for close-minded individuals that believe they have no room for growth.


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