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Find the people who truly get you

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Our FREE Commune & Tea Membership is for you if …

  • You’re someone that wants to make the most of this life
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  • You’re always on the lookout for alignment resources that will help you thrive from a place of ease and flow
  • You’re seeking a place where you can always find those nourishing conversations that fill you with inspiration, motivation, and excitement 

How It Works

Just like us, you’re a high achiever

You’re ambitious and you know what you want in life, but sometimes you crave a bit of extra support and clarity.

Our Commune & Tea Membership is designed to introduce you to like-minded individuals while providing you with exclusive alignment resources that will help you live a fuller, happier, and more successful life.  

We have entire libraries of expert insights and teachings, guided meditations, affirmations, yin yoga practices, and so much more waiting for you to discover. Our goal is to give you that ‘reinvigorated after a vacation’, ‘heart full after a deep conversation’, and ‘inspired after a nature walk’ feel with every resource we provide. Because we know that immersing yourself in the right environment and surrounding yourself with the right people, are the true keys to growth and alignment. 

Our Commune & Tea Core Values

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Meet your tribe & get inspired at our free global community virtual and in-person events. Join our transformative community conversations in our Happy & Aligned Podcast and bonus & enjoy special VIP discounts on paid events and resources.

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