The Visionary Leader Network (VLN) Board of Advisors is composed of individuals who have been branded as highly successful visionary leaders with unrefuted experience in business, knowledge of various industries, and a solidified leadership position with thriving organizations.

All advisors are expected to lend their expertise and experience but to also share with our organization, insight into your holistic journey toward your success. We are seeking advisors who can embrace passion, selfless service, and visionary leadership.

VLN extends the opportunity to such individuals to submit information regarding their qualifications to participate as an Advisory Board Member.

Overview of the Company 

VLN is a global media, digital marketing, and training platform that produces content, connections, and customized training to help companies develop listening leadership cultures. We deliver highly profitable benefits that drive results to the bottom line.  In doing so, we afford the entire organization essential best practices for business and personal fulfillment to foster greater profit, faster progress, and deeper personal connection. 

Perhaps most importantly, we are committed to ensuring people tap into their fullest potential. Our uniqueness is our ability to bring people together in the global community with self-actualization and realization. This concept of fullest potential has so many connotations, each of which we believe helps to create better leaders and better people for the world.  People like yourself!

The Board’s Mandate and Focus 

The main purpose of the VLN Advisory Board is to bring a diverse skill set into the room as our organization makes decisions to deliver the best products and services possible. The outward-facing board consists of (10) highly successful and highly motivated leaders who can make key introductions to global leaders and who can collaborate to secure partnerships with such companies and leaders.

Our organization has established a network of professionals that can reach a global audience including Africa, New Zealand, India, Europe, South America, and other prominent and promising countries. With your participation, we want to continue to connect people around the world for a global presence.

Member Responsibilities

The Visionary Leader Advisory Board meetings will be held quarterly- usually in September, November, February, and May. 

Advisors are expected to maintain current knowledge in their industry and to provide insightful feedback for the business direction of VLN based on their knowledge, experience, and leadership capabilities.

Advisors will be presented with thought-provoking questions that may challenge their traditional knowledge, yet will be expected to provide impactful advice helping to mold the future of the organization.

Participation Benefits

We understand that your motivators will vary. We offer you:

  • A platform to combat the problems that plague large and small organizations as well as individuals as they try to make their mark in the world. 
  • An opportunity for you to contribute on a global scale to the betterment of society as you tackle issues ranging from diversity and inclusion, mental health, wellness, leadership skills, organizational development, and more! 
  • The ability to cast a wider net as you continue to pioneer and connect people across races, and nationalities, and full complete self-journeys.  
  • Free training content such as coaching, virtual media, podcasts, and more to share with your teams or to utilize yourself as a global leader. 
  • Networking retreats with other global leaders.