The Tea on The H360 Podcast‘s Weekly Long Pour

Welcome to the Happiness 360 Long Pour, a podcast series that brings you multigenerational/cross-cultural wisdom about all things alignment.

The Brew

We bring together voices typically unheard to challenge preconceived perceptions, broaden horizons, and stimulate the senses. With every conversation we have, we strive to build cultural bridges and shift our own perspectives. Casual in nature but deep in meaning, these discussions encourage us to see the world from a new lens. Whether we’re conversing with someone from the other side of the planet or simply a different generation, we uncover universal truths in addition to groundbreaking sights.

The Pour

Each episode supports our belief that alignment is an ongoing journey driven by community. We invite you to sit with us, sip on a nourishing beverage of your choice, and open your mind to new ideas.

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